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News: IRCO Automation Provides Equipment for Textron Systems

Posted by Guest Writer on Sep 16, 2016 3:25:00 PM

IRCO Automation is the designer and manufacturer of the SSC’s Automatic Panel Welder and the Hull Assembly Line (HAL) trolley system, installed at Textron Systems’ New Orleans Shipyard. In a second project phase, IRCO recently delivered three gantries, each with separate functions including marking, cutting, tacking and finish weld procedures. The three gantries were integrated with the customized trolley system to enable the transfer of the assembled craft through the production line.

Welding Gantry

IRCO Automation™ systems delivers ROI for Textron Systems.

“The IRCO-built assets are helping reduce SSC program labor hours and, in tandem with other assembly systems, will decrease production defects,” explained Tom Walmsley, senior vice president and general manager, Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems. "These systems are excellent—they’ve even contributed to our Ship-to-Shore Connector program team earning the Textron Chairman’s Award for innovation. The increased quality and productivity that we can deliver to the Navy—thanks in part to these systems—will not only save the program money but will also reduce on-the-job injuries. We are very pleased with IRCO’s contributions”


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