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IRCO Automation: How to Reach our Service and Support Team

Posted by Melissa Gomez on Jul 8, 2020 9:15:00 AM

We wanted to share with you some of the updates we made to our service process to make it easier than ever to reach our Service and Support team.

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How to Reach our Service Team: 



Some of the changes we've made include the following: 

  • Three ways to create a service ticket: The easiest and most efficient way to reach IRCO Automation's Service and Support team is to create your own service ticket with our team - to do this simple fill out a Service Ticket Request Form on our Website

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  • Automated Ticket Process : The goal of our standard service and support process if to help provide you with solutions as effectively as possible to help minimize your downtime. One of the new automated features on our website, is the ability for a customer to enter their own service ticket with our website, via the Service Ticket Request Form. 


Service and Support Available:

Our team is available to a variety of service related needs, including

  • commissioning,
  • training,
  • preventative maintenance,
  • spare and replacement parts,
  • repairs and,
  • refurbishment. 


Have a Question?

Do you have a question about your equipment that that you require support on? Reach out to our team today by creating a service ticket request. 

Create a Service Ticket


For more information about our service and support offerings please visit the Service and Support page on our website.


For more Service related news and tips, visit the following resources: 
















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