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Happy National Welder Month

Posted by Melissa Gomez on Apr 1, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Happy National Welder Month!
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National Welder Month

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Did you know April is National Welder Month?


1. What is it?

2. Why?

3. How to get involved?

4. What is IRCO doing?


What is it?

In 1996 the American Welding Society (AWS) established April as National Welding month. Every year since then, throughout April, the welding community has joined AWS to celebrate the welding industry and bring awareness to its available career paths.


A lot of people may not be aware of, or think about, how much their lives or our nation are affected by welding. Welders help keep things moving in our world – on construction sites, manufacturing plants, shipyards, and more. Everyday they are helping to manufacture and build products that keep our economy rolling.

If you know any welders, take a moment to thank them!


How to get involved?

AWS has a list of several different ways that you can get involved with National Welding month. Their list this year includes:

  • My Welding Story – inspiring stories of those in the welding community
  • IG Takeover Thursdays
  • IG Live panel discussion
  • And more!

Jump on social media this month and visit the hashtag #NationalWelderMonth to see the different ways people and companies are getting involved or celebrating. If you share something you're doing to celebrate this month - tag us in your post so we can see it (@ircoautomation)


What is IRCO doing?

What we have come to realize is an important part of National Welder Month is education, and with that raising awareness about the future of welding and inspiring the next generation to consider one of the various careers the welding industry has to offer. 

To show our support in this specific area this year, we are donating to the Canadian Welding Bureau’s CWB Welding Foundation. This Foundation is a national not-for-profit charitable organization that is working to support and sustain the need for skilled welding professionals in the workforce. With a range of programs, camps, awards, and funds they are helping to provide welding and technology learning opportunities for students in elementary and secondary schools. To make a donation, click here


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